Reading Is the Best Way to Pick a Genre

Most writers already know this, and it’s in fact why they decide to become writers in the first place – but if you want to become a good writer, you need to become an avid reader.

Figure out what kind of books that you like. Are you into contemporary fiction where the stories model those of real life people? Or something more adventurous like scientific time travel?

Start reading a variety of books just to test the waters and see where your own interests lie. It’ll be much easier for you to forge ahead with your career if you enjoy what you’re doing.

Also take note of the length you prefer. Online, you can sell everything from short stories to full-length novels. One thing that sells very well in the world of Kindle is a series. You can have a series based on a character or a theme, for example.

As you go through your journey to choose a genre, don’t pigeonhole yourself in a way that causes you to restrict your story to what is traditionally found in each genre. Feel free to combine them or go against the grain somewhat.

What you’ll find when you go looking is that there are broad genres, and then sub-genres. For example, a broad genre might be romance. A sub-genre would be historical romance.

When you scroll through the list of genres, and compare that to the bestseller lists, resist the urge to pursue a genre you can’t stand, just because you think it will make you money.

Your disdain will shine through in your work. You want to pick a genre that makes you enthusiastic. This will help you create your very best work because you’re not only a creator of that type of fiction, but a fan as well.

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