Having Your Own Writing Space

Kristy Taylor ~ Author ~ Writing Desk

Kristy Taylor ~ Author ~ Writing Desk

Kids, partners, animals, housework, and the school run are all part of our daily routine so when we do find time to write it’s nice to be able to escape to our own special space. Having your own writing space can also help to get you in the mood to write, as well as letting the household know that you’re now ‘working’.

Your special space should also make you feel good about the work you’re doing, it should inspire you to keep cranking out those words.

For years I had a very old chipboard desk that was downright ugly. It was certainly not inspiring at all so I couldn’t wait til I had a good enough reason to buy a new one. Luckily enough of a ‘reason’ came about in 2010 when I finished my masters degree in creative writing. After all of that hard work I decided that I needed a reward (and I’d had my eye on this beauty for a few months).

So now when I sit down to write I feel much more inspired and eager to get work done. It’s nice to have my own little area that only I’m allowed to use and I can make it as girly as I want. And it doesn’t really matter if my desk is in my office (aka, the spare room) or in a corner of the dining room; it’s my special little space.

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