Get More Writing Done by Minimising Distractions

Each time you lose your train of thought it can take quite a while before you get back on track. The more distractions you have, the longer it will take to get your writing done. Is it possible to rid yourself of all the distractions? No of course not, most distractions are part of everyday life, but there are a few ways to avoid losing focus.

Try going underground by turning off your phone and closing your email program. Honestly, they won’t miss you for an hour or two at a time. If you’re having trouble staying off the Internet try unplugging your modem or using a computer that can’t connect to the Internet. There are also programs you can use that will block your computer’s access to the Internet for set periods of time, e.g. (works with both Mac and PC).

Set yourself some ‘writing hours’ in the same way that people and businesses have set work or business hours. Choose times that allow you to be your most creative and that fit in with your normal daily routine. Let everyone who would normally interrupt you during your writing time know that you now have set hours and that they can no longer contact you during these times.

Do you prefer noise or silence? Some people can write with the radio or the television blaring in the background, and some people need complete silence. If you’re having trouble getting work done with only silence around you try some soft music or leave the television on in another room. If you’re easily distracted by the latest news update or soap opera, turn the distraction off.

Sounds aren’t the only things that can take your attention away from the work at hand. A flickering television screen, the scene outside your window or even curtains fluttering in the breeze can tug at your brain. Turn the television off, and close the window and curtains – and get back to work. 😉

© Kristy Taylor 2012


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