A Weekend Away Researching Nearly Ends In…

My weekend away doing research for my latest book started out fine on Friday, with the ‘Old Girl’, aka the 4WD, having a great run up the Range over Cunningham’s Gap and down into the sweepingly beautiful Goomburra Valley. We checked in to our cabin at the Goomburra Forest Retreat and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the verandah before throwing some steaks onto the BBQ. Bliss!

Having an itinerary mapped out for the following day I crossed my fingers and hoped that the Old Girl would continue to behave herself as she’d been playing up over the last few months and we hadn’t been able to pin-point the problem (and neither could all of the mechanics we’d taken her too – it’s difficult to find an old-school mechanic who doesn’t rely on a computer to diagnose a vehicle).

Fortunately she got us to Ghost Gate Road for some photos, then on to Glengallen Homestead. A few hundred photos and a serve of scones and pikelets later, we headed off to Warwick to replace the rural phone we’d somehow misplaced a few weeks ago (it’s bound to be somewhere at home, in amongst one of my piles of paperwork and research material).

After buying the new phone we stopped just out of Warwick to fuel-up but unfortunately it was the Old Girl’s undoing… she decided to start breaking down again on acceleration – bugger! So we limped back to the retreat, approximately 45 minutes away, and let her rest for the night. For some reason she runs fine when she’s cold and starts to play up after driving for about 30 minutes – strange.

We checked out of the retreat on Sunday and managed to get some video footage of the road out of the valley, and yes the Old Girl ran great until we got to the main road, approximately 30 minutes of driving again. We limped along until we got to the last rest spot at the bottom of the Range to let her cool down (and luckily there was a toilet there for my weak bladder – lol). Popping the bonnet hubby noticed that the coil was too hot to touch (he had his ‘aha’ moment and has since installed a new heavy-duty coil with the Old Girl now running much smoother).

Not wanting to sit on the side of the road all afternoon, though RACQ was only a phone call away, we made a mad run for the Range. The Old Girl, though still gurgling away, managed to not only climb the Range but was also overtaking all of the other vehicles like a star – lol! And once again, like the work horse that she is, managed to get us home.

So my weekend away researching nearly did end in… a tow home, but for some reason the Old Girl always takes care of us!

© Kristy Taylor 2012

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